Speakers during the opening session

Opening session, setting the scene - Keynote speakers

Welcome by the chair of the Executive Committee – Mr Rudy Rabbinge

Dr. Rudy Rabbinge is University Professor in Sustainable Development and Food Security at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He is a former member of the Senate of the Netherlands Parliament and chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Institute of the Tropics. Rabbinge has led various missions and agricultural programs in developing countries and served as editor of several journals. He was a chair of the board of trustees of two CGIAR centers and co-chair of the Inter-Academy Panel on Food Security and Agricultural Productivity in Africa. He is also a member of the board of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and chairman of the Council for Earth and Life Sciences of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. He formerly served as deputy chairman of the IFDC board and chairman of the Science Council of the CGIAR. Rabbinge also serves on the boards of various international agribusiness firms and has responsibilities in the Board of Trustees of many scientific, agribusiness and public national and international organizations. He holds degrees in phytopathology, entomology, theoretical production ecology and philosophy of science from Wageningen Agricultural University. He is also a member of the High Level Panel of Experts of the CFS of the United Nations.

Wageningen UR– Mr Martin Kropff – Rector Magnificus

Prof. Martin Kropff took his masters in biology at Utrecht University and his PhD at Wageningen University, both cum laude. After his PhD he went to the Philippines to lead the international programme on systems analysis and simulation of the International Rice Research Institute for a period of four years. He returned to Wageningen University to become professor in, what now is called, the chair group of Crop and Weed Ecology. From 1998 to 2002 he was scientific director of the C.T. de Wit graduate school. In 2000 he was asked to become general director of the Plant Sciences Group of Wageningen UR, and in 2005 he joined the Executive Board as vice-president and Rector Magnificus.

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation – Mr Hans Hoogeveen – director general

Dr. Hans Hoogeveen is the Director General AGRO at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in the Netherlands. In this capacity he oversees the agriculture portfolio both within the Netherlands and abroad, including food security, EU Common Agriculture Policy, fisheries policy development and implementation, and knowledge and innovation.
Over the years Dr Hoogeveen has served as chairperson of a broad range of international sustainable development processes. Under his Presidency during the seventh session of the United Nations Forum on Forests in 2007 the General Assembly adopted an international instrument on forests after fifteen years of stalled international negotiations. As recognition of his achievements within the UN system Dr. Hoogeveen received an UN award during the High-Level Special Event on the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the international forest instrument. Mr. Hoogeveen also served, amongst others, as President of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.
During the course of his career he convened a range of groundbreaking agenda setting and decision-forcing international conferences in the realm of sustainable development bringing together global leaders, key decision-makers, and world renowned scientists. Most recently he was the key architect, together with the World Bank, behind the global conference on agriculture, food security and climate change in the Hague which concluded with a Roadmap for Action on climate-smart agriculture. This Roadmap, launched by global leaders in Cancun, initiated a whole body of work around climate-smart agriculture.
Besides his government affiliation Mr. Hoogeveen serves on several Board’s in the field of sustainable development, including the Sustainability Challenge Foundation in the Netherlands, the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston, and Forest Trends, a leading NGO on innovative natural resource policy in Washington D.C.
Dr. Hoogeveen is also the Visiting Professor in Natural Resource Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston and in this capacity has published several articles on natural resource policy. He served as a Lead Author of the Global Forest Expert Group reviewing the effectiveness of the international forest regime. As an academic he is one of the founding fathers of a new scientific discipline sustainable development diplomacy integrating international law, negotiations theory and political science.  More recently Dr. Hoogeveen has also been appointed as a member of the Pardee Center Task Force designing a vision for “Governance for a Green Economy” as part of the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development  (Rio+20)
Mr. Hoogeveen, an international lawyer by training, received his doctorate degree in sustainable development diplomacy and also received a masters degree in Public Administration. Mr. Hoogeveen completed the Senior Managers in Government Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in Boston. 

World Bank – Mr Jürgen Vögele - director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department

Juergen Voegele is the Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department at the World Bank.

Mr. Voegele joined the World Bank in 1991 and has held a number of assignments, including Head of the Agriculture Unit in China and Manager of the Agriculture and Rural Development Unit in Europe and Central Asia.
In February 2008, Mr. Voegele was appointed Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank, where he chairs the Agriculture and Rural Sector Board, and oversees World Bank global programs for rural poverty alleviation, agriculture and natural resources management.

Food and Agriculture Organization – tbc

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South African Minister of Agriculture – Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson

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