Please find here the plenary presentations that were given during the GSCSA 2011. You can hoover over the title of the presentation and the link will appear.

For presentations in the working groups, please check the working groups section on this website (under construction).



Keynote speakers

Mrs. Tina Joemat -Petterson  - presentation for GSCSA 2011

Sir John Beddington  - Achieving food security in the context of climate change

Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda - Climate Smart Agriculture Needs Smart Science and Policies

Prof. Dr. Martin Kropff - Science for Climate Smart Agriculture ...setting the stage...



Reporting back from the working groups

1a. Balancing yield and ecological potential for sustainable production: Soil, water, nutrient and livestock management - Dr. Robert Zougmore

2a. Assessing institutions to support adoption of climate smart agricultural practices - Leslie Lipper

3a. Climate risk management in Agriculture - Dr. Natasha Grist

Keynote speakers

Dr. Bruce Campbell - Steps to Climate Smart Agriculture

Dr. John Ingram - Climate Smart Food Systems in relation to Climate Smart Agriculture

Dr. William Moomaw - Building Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa through Sustainable Development Diplomacy

 Extra session CDKN

Sam Bickersteth/Natasha Grist - CDKN Overview



Reporting back from the working groups

1b. Breeding for a 2030 world - Dr. Martin van Ittersum

2b. Greenhouse gas foot printing: promise or peril? - Dr. Jac Meijs

3b. Integrated feed-food-energy systems - Dr. Anne Bogdanski

Keynote speakers

Keynote speaker 7: Mr. Namanga Ngongi– Director AGRA - Supporting Farmers to Build Resilience to Climate Change and Grow African Agriculture

Keynote Speaker 8: Ms Brylyne Chitsunge - farmer - Perspectives on CSA and the role of the farmer in delivering the promise

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