Some extra information

You are probably nearly packed and almost ready to fly to The Netherlands. We have some further information for you on:

1.    Travel form Schiphol to De Reehorstl

2.    WiFi in De Reehorst

3.    Reading materials

4.    Conference dinner

5.    Currency


1.    Travel form Schiphol to the hotel

Most of you will arrive on Sunday 23 October, some will arrive early. Here is some advice on how to travel from Schiphol Airport to railway station Ede/Wageningen.

At Schiphol Airport follow the signs to the trains. Before boarding a train, please make sure you have purchased a ticket in advance. It is not possible to buy a ticket on the train (and without a ticket you will be fined). Buy a one-way ticket second class: Schiphol – Ede/Wageningen.

Train tickets One Way cost 2nd class 13.50€ or 1st class 26.00€.

Buy your ticket before you descend to the train platforms in the railway station hall (either at machines that accept credit cards or at a counter). Trains to Ede-Wageningen leave from platform 1 and 2.

Upon arrival at railway station “Ede-Wageningen” leave the train, exit the platform via the stairs and bottom stairs turn left to exit the station via stairs again. At the top of the stairs continue walking straight ahead for 300 meters and 5 minutes to arrive at conference centre De Reehorst (crossing 2 streets).


On Sundays, from 11.29 hours until 20.59 hours, there are direct trains from Schiphol to Ede/Wageningen at:

-      xx.29

-      xx.59

This is the most convenient way as you do not have to change trains. Better wait a few minutes than taking a train where you have to change trains at Utrecht Central Station.


Arrriving earlier or later you will have to change trains at Utrecht Central Station. These trains leave Schiphol, before 11.29 hours:

-      xx.14 (first 07.14)

-      xx.44 (first 07.44)

After 20.59 hours:

-      xx.14 (first 21.14, latest 23.14)

-      xx.44 (latest 22.44)


Please be aware of pickpockets at Schiphol, especially when buying your train ticket.


Once you have arrived at railway station Ede/Wageningen, turn left after descending the staircase. It is a five minute walk to De Reehorst.


Hotel De Reehorst

24, Bennekomseweg


Phone: +31 318 750300


2.    WiFi in De Reehorst

On Sunday 23 October up until Wednesday 26 October WiFi will be available at the conference venue. The details to login are:

-      Username: GSCSA

-      Password: 2011


3.    Reading materials

You can find reading materials on the conference website:

Please move your mouse over the item ‘Working groups’ in the navigation menu and chose your work groups. And find your reading materials.


4.    Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be an informal networking cocktail event. The venue is the Lumen building at Wageningen Campus. Buses will be available for transport to and from the dinner.


5.    Currency

Currency in the Netherlands is the Euro. We advise you to have as biggest currency a billet of 50 Euro. If you have already obtained bigger notes, please do change them into smaller notes at Schiphol (GWK offices).


We do wish you a safe journey and are looking forward to welcoming you at GSCSA 2011.



Working groups
18 October: Take a look at the working groups section. More information about the speakers and reading material is added.

Update website
12 October: Information about the program, keynotes and working groups are updated on the conference website

Registration closed for sponsored participants
2 September: Requests for sponsorship are as of today not longer possible

28 July: The online registration tool is available. Please use this tool to register for the conference. Deadline for registration is 31 August 2011.
20 July: This week and next weeks invitations will be send out by the different organising partners.


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